With three years personal experience living in a tree house, I came to the realization that the perspective from the canopy needs to be shared. Waking up next to tree frogs, and rustling leaves is a magical experience that can only be truly known first hand. When you have your own tree house, you develop a relationship with your tree. From the texture of its branches, to the way the morning sun illuminates its leaves differently than the setting sun, there is no better way to connect with your natural surroundings. Tree houses are just plain fun; it’s as simple as that.

Canopy Crew provides professionally designed and built arboreal abodes. We only build using technology and techniques that put as little impact on the tree as possible. Whether it’s a simple platform for an evening glass of wine, or a child’s wonderland complete with rope swings and a crow’s nest, we are here to help.


Canopy Crew is also very exited to offer vacation rental tree houses in the Red River Gorge. Stay tuned for updates on the new arrivals! Contact us for a free consultation for your own tree house.


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