Living in a tree house, even if its just for the weekend, can have a powerful effect on your perspective of the world. Just being close to life in the canopy is tranquil and breath taking. The Canopy Crew wants to get you into the canopy by sharing our Red River Gorge tree houses with you. I got my start in the lush forests of the gorge and have held onto my dream of creating a tree house village for ‘the people’ since the beginning. This soon to be fleet of tree houses is constantly growing and will host a range of amenities while keeping a focus on staying connected with the trees that carry us. Join me and experience life in the canopy by checking out the rental opportunities listed below.



Welcome to Dome Town! Dome town is a series of geodesic domes suspended in the trees. The domes are connected by suspension bridges that weave through the canopy. In total there are three sleeping domes, a giant canopy lounge net, and one communal water dome, where there are two full baths, and one wash station. Each dome offers a private and unique experience. Sleeping in a dome will change the way you think about square building forever! Dome town is located just a short walk away from The Rock House Cafe. There is no other treehouse dome experience quite like this. Explore the canopy, enjoy the gorge, sleep in a dome!

Turtle Dome 

Turtle dome is one of our larger domes and is located lower on the hillside, closer to the water dome. It sleeps two on a queen sized bed. It is heated and cooled, and has its own private kitchenette. Enjoy the expansive interior of the dome, green leaves through the bay window, and soft calming feel of the round space. 


Puma Dome is perched beside a large boulder and has an expansive deck to spread out on. It sleeps two on a queen sized bed. It is heated and cooled, and has its own private kitchenette. Puma dome is accessible by our longest suspension bridge! Puma dome is private, calming, and offers a great view of the valley below. 


Cloud dome is our highest dome. It is slightly smaller than our other domes and is designed to keep budget in mind. If you want to experience the awesomeness of dome town as affordably as possible, cloud dome is for you. Perched way up on the hillside, to get to cloud dome you must climb the entrance staircase, go up the spiral stairs, cross two suspension bridges, and finally, go up on last staircase to your own private perch.  It sleeps two on a queen sized bed. It is not heated and cooled, and has its own private kitchenette. Cloud dome is un-insulated and is cooled with fans. Enjoy the view. 


The Looking Glass Treehouse is the newest way to experience the beauty of Red River Gorge and escape into nature. This dual treehouse is perched atop a Tulip Poplar and Pignut Hickory. The façade of mirrors reflects the surrounding forest back to you, creating a shimmering atmosphere of strong trunks and vibrant leaves. The Looking Glass Treehouse is truly a masterful creation that is a product of extraordinary craftsmanship and imaginative design.

Other special features include a complete bathhouse, 360 view looking out into nature through panoramic windows, a fully stocked kitchen, bridge, and a suspended covered deck where you can enjoy your morning coffee.


When the sun sets and the whippoorwills come out to sing, you can climb upward from the main deck, and enter the bedroom through a hatch in the floor. This cozy, octagonal bedroom, is outfitted with giant floor pillows, two full size beds & one foldout twin bed.  After a day of natural bridges, waterfalls, and scenic overlooks, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a dreamy overnight in the trees!


Tradewinds Treehouse is our most luxurious getaway in the forest. Two twin treehouses perch side by side like owls roosting on a limb. It features full electricity, running water, heat, a bathhouse, a slide, and a HOT TUB! It can comfortably sleep three couples, has a sleeping loft for kids, and has an extra couch.


The treehouse has a serene view of Peregrine Rock and has ample parking. Other special features include, a wood burning stove, cathedral ceilings, recycled building materials, two decks, laundry, fire pit, and a ten minute nature walk to the Martins Fork trail head. This treehouse is great for families and playful for the kids!

THE observatory

If you are looking for an adventure, or the most romantic bedroom the Gorge has to offer, then you will want to check this treehouse out. The Observatory tree house is not for everyone, but it might be the most magical slumber you will ever sleep (seriously). This off the grid (and very high off of the ground) arboreal abode boasts three separate rooms connected by floating walkways and ships ladders. The glass bedroom is designed for star gazing, and sits 50 feet above the Gorge floor. It looks out over the Red River Valley and is home to a high-powered telescope, you can see further into the Cosmos than any other stay in the Gorge!
To get to The Observatory, you must hike up over 200 steps that ascend steeply into the trees! If you are out of breath reading this and would prefer a shorter approach, you may want to consider staying in our other treehouse, The Sylvan Float. Once you reach the gear room, you will find an instruction manual which will explain how to use the kitchen crane to hoist coolers and food, operate the solar power, describe how we built this treehouse, and tell you all about the 5 host trees you will be staying with. From the gear room, you can climb up through the floor of the cozy kitchen and be delighted by the views to come. 

THE sylvan float

Sylvan, means forest, and this tree house floats through the red river gorge not unlike a ship sails across the sea. Designed for two, the Sylvan Float is located in the heart of the geological area five minutes from the grey’s arch trail head. A cozy, heated house, with peaceful views will ensure your comfort while getting away from the stresses left on the ground. You can stay in this tree house with your loved ones and be totally off the grid. Features include gas heat and stove, dish washing station, composting toilet, Lofted bedroom, wrap around deck, and premium climbing and hiking right down the trail.

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