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Popular Woodworking Magazine: On Building Treehouses

Treehouses bring out the kid in everyone. Whether for a child in your life or as a relaxing getaway, a treehouse is a fun project to build that can test your creativity and be incredibly rewarding. That’s why Popular Woodworking Books is working with professional treehouse builder Django Kroner, owner of The Canopy Crew, to create a book on how to build treehouses the right way (projected publication date of June 2016). From backyard getaways to elaborate treetop vacation retreats, the book will give you ideas, inspiration and the important foundational know-how you need to build a treehouse that is safe for you and for the tree. To give readers some more insight into the project, we sat down with the author to chat about his background and what his book will offer.

To read more, click here.

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