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The Looking Glass Treehouse Is The Newest Way To Experience The Beauty Of Red River Gorge In Kentuck

If you always dreamed of having a treehouse as a kid, then Kentucky is a great place to be. While you still may not have your own elevated hideout in your backyard, there are many places in the Bluegrass State where you can play, relax, and sleep in the trees. Thanks to The Canopy Crew and other creative and talented individuals, you can spend the night in a treehouse in Kentucky, and you actually have your pick of several. We love to share these unique creations and now the newest treehouse in Kentucky is available for rent. The Looking Glass Treehouse is the newest way to experience the beauty of Red River Gorge and you’ll once again be impressed by this ultimate escape into nature.

The Canopy Crew offers many treehouses in Kentucky and their newest creation, The Looking Glass, is now available for rent. To read more, click here.

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